about me

my name + general info

hi! im thatpaigeperson, but you can call me paige or paige kageyamii !!

i also go by rewind on a few platforms, but you dont need to call me that

cause my discord username is blue, some people call me that and im fine with it

you can also call me maddy if you want, anything's fine!

im a trans girl (she/they). if you're transphobic or whatever, there ya go.

my interests


my main interest is nintendo. i love those games to death and could probably talk about them for years.

current hyperfixation is pizza tower.

i also love tech, especially vintage/retro stuff.


just gonna list em out here. i like lemon demon, weezer, hall and oates, city pop, and video game osts, really into some of the sonic osts right now.