mini blog 6/20 - im back, explain more later!

hi friends!

ive been away for quite a while... didnt really mean to do that, just got caught up with a bunch of stuff!

new super mega ultra blog will be made like. friday or saturday. tell you guys all about what ive been up to!

that update is all i really had to say, so as always...

thank you!!

blog 5/12 - idk what to title this

what's been going on

hi friends!

i just figured id write about what ive been up to lately, not anything too exciting

last few weeks of school has gotten me all stressy, probably gonna cut it real close with some of these grades... lets-a hope i can actually do it!

over break, i developed a new hyperfixation - pizza tower

oh buddy BOY do i love the stupid lil pizza game with the stupid lil italian and that goddamn creature they call The Noise.

been working on art here and there, mainly doodles, nothin real fancy, just kinda getting back into it same way im getting back into this website, yknow?

i also modded the heck out of my 3ds, so that's really rad!

website plans

figure id update you guys on what im gonna be doing with this thing

first thing i really wanna do is finish up the art stockpile for the art page. obviously this isnt really constant work on the website but itll get done when it gets done and i hope you guys like it

second thing is i really just wanna make a shrines page on here. talk about my obsessions, yknow? three come to mind right now: mario, weezer, and pizza tower

expect those soon-ish? im obviously not that good with deadlines but ill try to get them done as i work on stuff

kinda side order of business is just making my bio page more fleshed out. there's a lot to say about me and i feel like there's not really a lot on there. probably gonna do that tomorrow

cant really think of much else to say. so, as always...

thank you!!

blog 5/10 - return to the website!


working on website again after break, gonna add more stuff about my interests, gonna do more art!

return from break

hi friends!

ive been working on wrapping up the school year, and with both needing a break from school and just getting back into my passions after a while, im gonna be working on this thing again!

with the length of this break, it might take me a while to get back into the swing of things.

but dont worry! im still gonna be pretty constant with working on this, you guys will get a sunday blog!

art stuff

if you were still checking out my website over break, you mightve noticed that i updated my art page a while back to say that i would post art there.

i still plan on doing that, just going to take some time to build up a bigger collection of art to show off at once, and maybe organize that whole page better. sorry for the delay.

that's all i really wanted to say, just a quick notice for my friends!

so, as always...

thank you!!

blog 3/17 - quick update

main announcement

hey friends

you've probably noticed that like. i didnt put out a blog post last sunday and havent even updated the website since mar10 day.

ive just been struggling with mental health recently, and have therefore decided to take a sorta break.

ill still update the site as much as i can, but not going to really have a schedule or urgent things to do. just gonna get to things as i get to things.

mar10 day theme's gonna stay for now. im a fan of how it looks, but ill put it back to the brambles version sometime soonish

id expect to maybe see some art go up over spring break? that's next week for me (so starting 23rd)

thanks for understanding. just gotta take things slow to work on myself.

thank you.

blog 3/3 - busyness + game ranting

website stuff

hey friends!

as always, ive been pretty busy over the past week... ugh

but my schedule has cleared up a bit for next week! that means more updates to here for you guys sticking around. thanks for that.

next up is to FINALLY make my art page Good

video game stuff - nintendo

today is the seventh anniversary of the switch. thats pretty neat for a couple reasons!

first off its just cool! im obviously a big nintendo fan so i get something to celebrate lmao

second off... it means the switch is nearing its end of life, which means im pretty on edge for announcements

we also got pokemon day announcements!

pokemon legends z-a seems pretty rad! the trailer was pretty much one of those "hey look at cool stuff", but didnt really tell us much. ah well. its still pokemon so i am HYPED for plza. also tcg mobile yippee

in terms of what ive been playing, ive been working on completing side order along with getting the catalog for the new season. also been slowly chipping away at a replay of wonder.

thats all i have to say about nintendo... note that next sunday will be march tenth, MAR10 day! expect some website changes.

video game stuff - other

stardew 1.6 got a release date! march 19th is when it will be releasing.

stardew is one of my favorite games and i have put MANY hours into it so im very excited to put even more in

along with sdv hype, ive also been replaying a hat in time. i really forgot how much i love the game. the visuals, movement, characters, everything.

queen vanessa's manor is still just as scary as ever!

thats everything for now, thanks for checking in and thanks for sticking around. love ya guys.

thank you!!

blog 2/25 - sunday blog 2

website stuff

hey friends!

website progress has slowed significantly in the past week. sorry about that! been a lil busy and a lil sad.

next things to add are art to my art page, shrines, and a misc page.

thanks for sticking with my progress on this

main blog stuff

ive been doing a lot this week!

  • playing a LOT of side order
  • going to my school's winter dance - pretty fun!!
  • drawing a bit, nothing real presentable to put on the art page, but still a bit

just spending a lot of time on school as always. i procrastinate a LOT so that doesnt help.

thats really the big main reason i havent been working on this a lot. just busy busy busy

its been snowing here recently. i get that february isnt exactly the latest for snow to be occuring, but we havent had some in a bit so its sorta neat to see.

been taking care of my dog, trying to teach her "shake". so far it's... going. she's sorta aggressive with how she hits your hand, but hopefully ill get her to settle down with it.

my room's sorta been neglected lately... really should just take a day to clean it all up, fold my clothes and stuff. i always feel like your room is a pretty good indicator of how you're doing mentally and both are kinda being left behind right now.

sorry for the three consecutive random thoughts, just thinking of stuff as it comes to mind

blog plans

im gonna try to make sunday blogs longer for the future.
also gonna try to establish some sort of regular format to the sunday blogs and also another type of blog which im calling the...

checkpoint blogs! these will go right here just like the two sunday blogs. they aren't going to be as long as the sunday blogs will be, but they'll be posted if i have something i wanna talk about or something interesting happened to me.

checkpoint blogs will really happen whenever, but expect them to go up like... tuesday-thursday-ish??

that's all i have for right now, so as always...
thank you!!

blog 2/18 - first blog!

making a website

hey everyone!

ive spent a good amount of time this week making a website. and you're checkin it out! thanks for that!

there's still a lot to add, but im workin on it! (slowly.)

next things to add are a page for shrines and a misc page (guestbook/changelog).

main blog stuff

dont really have a style yet of course, so im just gonna sort of ramble.

i travelled to indiana to see some of my family this weekend! me and my dad have been trying to go up there for a while, but couldnt due to something or other

so far its been really fun! just sort of taking it chill, getting good food up here and catching up on christmas and such!
(i got some pretty cool headphones from my grandma. really diggin' em.)

the three-day weekend has left me with a bit of time to catch up on schoolwork and such, and also just generally give me a breather (really needed)

getting caught up in school and just general busy stuff has left me sorta caught in the scuffle of stuff, so havent been able to work on this thing or get art done in a bit. sorry about that

blog plans

gonna try to get a blog up every sunday. ill try my best to get other posts up occasionally, so check in!

thank you!!